Ekopur J

Ekopur J is a one component polyurethane adhesive for bonding porous materials such as wood, styrofoam, and polyurethane foam with metal sheets. It can also be used as bonding material for thermal insulation during door production.

Ekopur J is a flexible product that allows for easy adjustments to its application parameters in order to match customer's specific requirements.

This moisture - cured polyurethane adhesive does not contain any volatile organic solvents.

  • Easy application
  • Applied manually or mechanically
  • Contains no volatile organic solvents
  • The adhesive may be applied by hand or with use of mechanical applicator
  • An additional sprayed layer of water and higher temperature accelerate the curing process
  • The bonded elements should be pressed down with a press machine
  • Possesses the Hygienic Assessment Certificate (PZH)

Product Options
  • The adhesive is packed into 20 or 30 litre barrels or canisters .