Autorock™ Drill Rig

The award‐winning Autorock Drill Rig revolutionised narrow-vein vertical support hole drilling for in-stope support in South African platinum mines. This patented double-clamping rig was designed for the safe and effective drilling and installation of rock bolts while offering built‐in temporary support.

This is a self-contained small drill rig for drilling holes and installing rock bolts in low-height stopes. By clamping itself between the footwall and hanging wall the Autorock rig stabilises and guides the rock drill, allowing remote operation and faster penetration. This gives marked improvements in safety and productivity.

The Autorock rig is made in a number of models, to suit different stope widths, user preference of power sources and rock drills.

Today more than 5000 units are operated in South Africa.

Product Image
  • Improved safety
  • Improved productivity - fast and vertical drilling, even in low stopes
  • Versatile - a range of rock drills and bolts available
  • Thanks to its rugged, modular construction it is damage resistant and economic to maintain
  • Thanks to its remote control (up to 7 m away) the noise exposure of the operator is significantly reduced
  • The remote control allows the operator to work from under permanent support and thus ensuring improved safety
  • Autorock rigs use galvanised steel for longer life and are constructed robustly with crash bars as well as impact­-protected cylinders.
  • Full risk assessments have been done for all rigs under numerous conditions, to meet specific requirements and make operations with the rig safe

Products Options
  • Hydropowered Rig - The Autorock Hydro-powered drill rig is for mines using hydropower instead of compressed air.
  • Rotary Drilling Rig - This unit is used primarily in coal mines. It features aluminium free-construction and internal earthing to ensure no static electricity build-up.
  • Gully Rig - This rig ensures a safe and easy erection, whilst it can be used to drill both stope face and gully support holes.
  • For further information on available options please contact your local representative.