Tekcrete™ Fast M

Tekcrete™ Fast M is a specially formulated, extremely rapid hardening, high performance shotcrete.

Fibre reinforced, this product offers strengths over 55 MPa and can be used in conventional, dry-process shotcrete equipment. It is ideal where immediate structural strength is required.

Tekcrete™ Fast M was developed in response to customer demand for a shotcrete with effectively immediate strength on application. The product can be used with or without steel or polymer mesh, although the mesh will provide additional tensile and flexural strength. Binding broken strata together for better structural integrity, Tekcrete™ Fast M can be used anywhere in a mine where conventional shotcrete is used and as with any coating or sealant.


Product Image
  • Ultra-rapid rate of strength gain
  • Low dusting and rebound
Product Features
  • Including rebound, Tekcrete™ Fast M has a surface coverage of approximately 0.72 m2 per 25 kg bag at a thickness of 12 mm
  • The high modulus polymer fibres are safer to handle than steel or fibreglass fibres
  • The large proportion of high modulus fibres permits strain hardening and excellent post peak failure characteristics

Product Options
  • Available in 25 kg, bags, 40 bags to a stretch-wrapped pallet, or in 1 tonne bulk bags
  • For further information on available options please contact your local representative.