Rock Fall Straps Type W

W-straps type SP are used for crosswise and lengthwise support of roofs and ribs in mine working areas. They are suitable to be used with expansion, resin, cable and tubular friction anchors.

SP-220, SP-270, and SP-320 W-straps have a similar design. They differ only in terms of steel sheet thickness and section width. There are deformations for added strength and appropriately spaced holes along the straps (round or oval as requested). It is possible to connect two or more mats cross wisely or length wisely.

In terms of a range of application and production method the mats can be divided into the following types:

  • W – strap type SPs
  • W – strap type SPo
  • W – strap type SPp
Product Image
Product Image
Product Image
  • Effective reinforcement of the mining pit
  • Designed for cooperation with anchor plates
  • Various dimensions and strengths available
  • Certificate of Conformity issued by "INOVA" Technical Innovation Center Ltd. No.81/4/2017

Product Options
  • W- straps are packed in packages of 10-20 items
  • For further information on available options please contact your local representative.