Injection Bolt Type AP-KI- ø42

Type AP-KI-ø42 injection bolts are designed to support mine working areas as an independent or auxiliary roof support system. This injection bolt is used to reduce static load on the support system in a mining excavation and it can be used in poor mining and geological conditions, such as faulted zones and areas of increased pressure (tail and main gate).

The bolt rod is made of a 18G2A or R55 ø30 x 6.3 mm steel tube and plain AP 600 or 34GS steel bar of ø18.3 mm. KE-4W/M20 shell fixes the bolt in the hole during the injection.

The top part of the ø30 x 6.3 mm tube has an internal M20 thread for coupling with the M20 threaded bar and 4 ø6 mm holes for the adhesive injection grout. The bottom part of the tube has a M30x2 thread, whilst in the mid-section there is a stopping collar to work with the seal. The seal is a rubber tube that expands after applying the tube and M30x2 nut.

Product Image
Product Image
Product Image
  • Versatile - can be used as independent or auxiliary roof support system
  • Excellent mechanical properties (capacity and nominal injection pressure)
  • No sudden slip in case of overload
Product Features
  • AP-KI-ø42 injection bolts have a Certificate issued by the Central Mining Institute in Katowice, Poland - safety mark No. B/1588/IV2015
  • Used to stabilise floor heaves
  • Used as forepoling
  • Reinforces brick and concrete lining at shaft bottom, pump chambers, engine house, etc. in case of stability loss
  • Reinforces the existing support of mine working area cross-cuts in case of their deformation
  • Used to form a mantle to prevent water leakage from shaft and small shaft lining
  • Used in faulted zones and areas of increased pressure
  • Effective ceiling, floor and heading stabilisation in difficult geological and mining conditions
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Presence of resin ensures that no internal corrosion takes place

Product Options
  • Tube diameter ø 30x6.3 mm
  • Bar Diameter ø 18.3 mm
  • Rod thread size M20 inner M30 x 2 outer
  • Bar thread size M20
  • Bolt length from 1300 to 5000 mm (or other as required)
  • KE-4W/M20 shell diameter ø 42 mm
  • Head length 93 mm
  • Bolt capacity over 120 kN
  • Nominal injection pressure 10 MPa