Capcem K40P

Capcem K40P is used for easy grouting of rock anchors, particularly in rock that decomposes when it absorbs the water from conventional cement grouts. Its main use is in kimberlites.

It is a two-part pumpable cement grout for anchoring of rock bolts in rock that decomposes in contact with water. 

The powder and liquid are mixed together using a power-driven mixer/pump to yield a pumpable thixotropic grout. A minimum of 3 boxes per mix should be used. Part packs must not be used.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Chloride-free
  • Thixotropic - minimum loss of grout from overhead holes
  • Low liquid/cement ratio - high early strength
  • It is suitable for use with the purpose made powered Grout Mixer/Pump
  • Pre-packed kits ensure that correct quantities of liquid and powder are being used
  • Thanks to the absence of free water no deterioration of water-sensitive rock is caused
  • Rock temperatures influence the rate of set and strength gain; the higher the temperature the faster the set and more rapid the strength gain

Product Options
  • Capcem™ K40P Grout is supplied in a box, containing two bags of powder (11.5kg each) and 4 litres of K40P liquid.