Krzemopur HS

Krzemopur HS is two-component silicate injection resin with adhesives properties that allow its use under various geological and mining conditions.

This silicate and isocyanate system is obtained after mixing component A (aqueous solution of sodium silicate with auxiliary agents) and component B (polymeric MDI isocyanate with additives) in a volume ratio of 1:1.

Product Image
Product Image
  • High compressive strength
  • Insensitivity to water
  • Excellent adhesion to various rocks
Product Features
  • Can be applied with "Long Distance Pumping" (LDP) technique (components and pump located up to 5000 m away from the bonding area)
  • Has good hydro-insulation and gas-insulation
  • Does not increase the endogenous fire risk and does not disturb gas indicator readings
  • Has anti - electrostatic properties
  • It has a low - flammability
  • Possesses Hygienic Assessment (PZH) Certificate

Product Options
  • Adhesive components are packed into barrels/canisters with a capacity of 20 or 30 liters