Fosgel is a super absorbent synthetic polymer which, when added to water rapidly, forms a highly viscous gel.

Its super absorbent properties can be used to absorb free water in working environments where muddy underfoot conditions need to be controlled, such as roadways or development end.

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  • Easily applied by hand
  • Due to rapid absorption of the water, mud and water can be removed manually instead of by pumping
  • 1 Kg of Fosgel will absorb up to 250 kg of water when mixed thoroughly
  • Suspended solids, such as muddy or dirty water or dissolved material, will reduce the rate, and the volume of water absorbed
  • Fosgel should be dispersed evenly over the liquid surface and then agitated by a suitable means to ensure an even dispersion of the Fosgel.

Product Options
  • Fosgel is supplied 10 kg woven polypropylene bags, with inner liner.