Tekflex product range includes highly flexible or high-strength sprayed membranes for creating flexible water-proofing layers or achieving effective strata support.

The high-strength Tekflex membrane was originally developed according to the TSL (Thin-Sprayed-Liner) technology to serve as an alternative to steel mesh and shotcrete for mining projects. Today, the Tekflex family has expanded and covers many more applications in the civil and tunnelling sectors.

Tekflex products are based on mineral materials with special additives or polymers to achieve sufficient rigidity or required flexibility depending on the type of the application. With just a few mm of thickness, the Tekflex membranes represent an effective, low-cost solution for changing the mechanical parameters of the lining or increasing impermeability. 


Product Image
Product Image
  • Thin sprayed membrane with unique performance – strength or/and impermeability
  • Applicable locally or in large areas
  • Applicable with conventional spraying equipment
Product Features
  • Can be applied directly on rock face or as interlayer between shotcrete
  • It forms a thin layer of 4-12 mm (depends on product type) to achieve required performance
  • Immediate response thanks to fast curing of the membrane
  • No specific ventilation requirements are necessary, with only conventional PPE required for the application
  • Can be applied manually or mechanically