Capcem™ Plug

Capcem™ Plug a mortar formulated for the rapid sealing of water leaks from fissures and cracks, where slower setting conventional mortars would be washed away and where fast setting resin mortars will not bond on wet surfaces. It is suitable for most rock types, concrete and brick.

It  is supplied as a dry powder needing only the addition of water to produce an ultra-rapid set plugging mortar. This mortar sets rapidly to form a hard, durable mortar with an ultimate compressive strength of 10 MPa when mixed as advised.

Product Image
  • Rapid set stops water leaks quickly
  • Permanent sealing effect
  • Only water needs to be added
  • Cement-based product
  • Non-toxic, non-combustible and non-corrosive mortar
  • Mixed in the proportion 3 parts Capcem™ Plug powder by volume to 1 part water
  • Due to the rapid set, only small quantities should be mixed each time
  • The mortar cures best in humid conditions where dry-out can be avoided

Product Options
  • Capcem™ Plug 1 - 1 minute, Pack Size: 10 kg
  • Capcem™ Plug 3 - 3 minutes, Pack Size: 10 kg