TekSeal™ Products

TekSeal™ products include low and high density cement foams used for void filling, ventilation barriers, construction of explosion stoppings and other specialised applications.

This is a revolutionary system for installing permanent underground ventilation seals.

The product is easy to install and eliminates the requirement for hitching into the roof, ribs and floor. With less manpower required for installation and possibility to place it remotely from the working site, the products reduce risk of unnecessary exposure of your workers, making them safer.

Tekseal is widely used around the world and is ideal for the difficult to reach areas.

The products within this range are available in various formulations to tailor their application to your needs.

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  • Safer to install
  • High volume yield
  • Easy to use
Product Features
  • High yield improves material handling logistics and cost
  • Remote placement can take place up to 100 m from machine
  • Non-flammable, non-toxic, cement based
  • Rapid placement - typically 50 cubic metres void filled per shift
  • Typically, only 3 people needed per crew
  • Used for construction of backfill barricades in mining, construction and energy sector applications.

Product Options
  • TekSeal™
  • TekSeal™ S
  • TekSeal™ HD
  • TekSeal™ HS and HS Fast