Expansion Shell Bolts Type KE-3W and KE3-2K

Expansion shell bolts KE-3W and KE3-2K are designed to be used for roof and ribs support in mine working areas as an independent or secondary bolting support system and also to attach various components of mining equipment.

Expansion shells of ø36 mm are the elements which set the bolt in the hole. The KE-3W shell consists of 3 shells and one expander while the KE3-2K shell consists of 3 shells and 2 expanders.

Simple and easy to install for immediate support to a work area, the expansion shell creates a point to anchor into the hole by turning the bolt. The shell tightens to the rock creating tension at the foot of the borehole, transferring the load from the bolt head and plate to the rock via the shell.

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  • Offering immediate support
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Dimensional diversity of the length of the expansion shell
Product Features
  • Fast bolting system
  • Used for mining applications
  • Additional corrosion protection is available for extended life
  • Bolt rods are made of plain AP 600 steel bar of ø18,3 mm according to ZN-97/AP-2 standard
  • E-3W; KE3-2K expansion bolts have a Certificate of Conformity No. 63/4/2017 issued by "INOVA" Technical Innovation Centre Ltd. in Lublin, Poland
  • Various solutions of bolt forged heads are available
  • Various plate versions are available

Product Options
  • Rod diameter ø18.3 mm
  • Thread M20
  • Thread length 80 mm (rod for KE-3W shell), 170 mm (rod for KE3-2K shell)
  • Rod length 1200 ; 1400 ; 1600 ; 1800 ; 2000 ; 2200 ; 2400 ; 2600 ; 2800 ; 3000 ; 3200 mm
  • Head diameter KE-3W ; KE3-2K ø36 mm
  • Head length KE-3W - 93 mm, KE3-2K - 136 mm
  • Bolt capacity according to regulations min 100 kN
  • Useful load 170 kN