CarboStop 102

CarboStop 102 is used for the coagulation, hardening and waterproofing in tunnelling, underground, hydraulic, maritime and off-shore constructions.

CarboStop 102 is a water-reactive one-component polyurethane resin that is CFC- and solvent free.

To adapt the reaction speed to the situation, the accelerator CarboStop 102 ACC is added to the resin. The reaction starts after contact with a sufficient quantity of water.

Product Image
  • Adjustable reaction times
  • Works with high-pressure water
  • Grouts fine to grained sands
Product Features
  • Stopping of water inflow under high pressure and speed (including salt water)
  • Used in coagulation and water sealing of loose rock
  • Used for grouting of fine to grained sands
  • Used in fixing of anchors, self drilling anchors and cable bolts in sand under water transit
  • Suitable for deep injection of cracks, honeycombs, cold joints and non-moving joints
  • Used in injections of man-accessible sewer lines and tubes
  • The prepared grout mixture can be stored for at least 48 hours without significant increase in viscosity under the condition that it is efficiently protected from moisture and water
  • The accelerator CarboStop102 ACC can be used to regulate the setting time

Product Options
  • CarboStop 102– 20 kg in a can
  • CarboStop 102– 200 kg in a steel drum
  • CarboStop 102– 30 tin containers per euro-pallet
  • CarboStop 102 ACC– 2 kg in two 1-kg-PE-bottles
  • CarboStop 102 ACC– 20 kg in a can
  • CarboStop 102 ACC– 5 paperboard containers with twelve 1kg-PE-bottles per euro-pallet