CarboSolv D

CarboSolv D is a cleanser for polyurethane applications, especially for flushing and cleaning pumps and hoses.

It is a solvent blend based on dicarbonic acid esters. It has got a high polarity and is environmentally friendly.

Product Image
  • Superior cleaning and dissolving effect
  • Hardly inflammable
  • Low viscous
  • It does not contain any substances classified as dangerous
  • It is used to clean all tools and equipment, including injection pumps and hoses that have come into contact with the resin
  • The injection pumps should be completely filled with the solvent to ensure proper cleaning, lubrication and drainage of the system
  • It is not suitable for applications with sodium silicate-based components, as it reacts with sodium silicate

Product Options
  • CarboSolv D can be delivered in 5 and 20 l units.
  • For further information on available options please contact your local representative.