Ekopiana is a high output foaming grout used in the mining and construction industries.

It is a single component mineral and cement-based binder, which upon blending with the appropriate amount of water and foaming in a suitable machine, sets to become a durable foam.

It is used for void filling, building of ventilation and explosion resistant seals, backfilling and other specialised applications.

Product Image
  • High yield
  • Fast delivery rate
  • Low transport cost
Product Features
  • It is easy and safe to use
  • It is a non-flammable product
  • Can be applied with standard machines commonly used for cement binders
  • Its compressive strength after 28 days of curing for 1:1 water to powder ratio exceeds the 10 Mpa

Product Options
  • Supplied in 25 kg valve sack, 40 bags per pallet. Other packing on request.