The Fillset system consists of two components, a powder, Fillcem and a liquid, Fillgel.

When added to tailings slurry, the components react in stages to form a stiff cemented backfill, the characteristics of which can be designed to suit specific backfilling requirements.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Classification of the tailings is not necessary
  • Retention of volume reduces filling time
  • Additives are non-flammable and non-toxic
  • Slimes and water run-off are reduced
  • Reduction in slimes and water run off results in improved conditions in gullies drains and ore-passes
  • Little or no shrinkage of the backfill occurs so that no topping up is required, and contact with the hanging wall is more easily maintained
  • Fillcem is formulated to have a long life in the backfill pipeline (typically 6-8 hours depending on ambient temperatures). Once mixed with the Fillgel the reaction is very rapid, giving gelation within minutes

Product Options
  • Fillcem - 25 kg bags or bulk
  • Fillgel - 200 litre drums or bulk