Ekoflex Products

Ekoflex products are used for fire and methane hazard prevention by filling voids, sealing mined-out openings and walkways. It can also be used to build or seal insulation and ventilation dams.

Ekoflex products are a two-component foams, obtained after mixing component A (aqueous solution of phenol-formaldehyde resin) and component B (aqueous solution of organic and inorganic acids) in a volume ratio of 4:1. The foam property allows the products to be used under various geological and mining conditions.

Various products are available in this category with varying foaming factors and reaction speeds.

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  • High efficiency
  • Low content of free formaldehyde
  • Low reaction temperature
Product Features
  • Ability to use under a wide range of geological and mining conditions
  • Good gas-insulation
  • Does not disturb gas indicator readings
  • Ability to use in environments where fire hazard occurs

Product Options
  • Ekoflex
  • Ekoflex Max
  • Ekoflex Super
  • Super Ekoflex