Cable Bolts KL 18 and KL 18 K

Cable bolts KL 18 and KL 18 K are designed to be used to reinforce ground and rock near mining excavations and in particular near workings in weak strata with lower strength or entering mining pressure zones.

Cable bolts are made from cable of Ø18 mm and 1+6 structure in accordance with PN-71/M-80236 standard. The following types of bolt can be distinguished:

  • Cable KL 18 (Plain cable)
  • Cable KL 18 K (Bird cage cable bolt)

The cable lay of KL 18 K bolt was modified to form birdcage like bulbs of 100 mm in length and 26 ÷ 28 mm in diameter. This ensures a better force distribution affecting the cement grout around the cable. When filled with grout the cages act like stiff bulbs in relation to the cement face.

Product Image
Product Image
  • Fast bolting using the barrel and wedge system
  • Suitable for pre-tensioning
  • Variety of plates in the anchor sets available
  • The bulbs remain non-cracked despite considerable forces affecting the cable
  • The shape of the cable considerably affects force distribution around the cable
  • Cage cables bolts perform better in the rock as compared to plain cable
  • Square washers, round profiled or flat washers are made of 10 or 12 mm metal plate, and come in sizes from 150 to 300 mm

Product Options
  • Bolts can be tied in 10 pcs benches and additionally packaged in bundles of 10 benches
  • The plates are stapled in 10 pcs sets with wire and stacked on pallets