Cement KL

Cement KL is a one component cement-based adhesive for fixing rope-anchors into predrilled holes at any inclination.

It is available as a ready-mix prebatched powder, when mixing in the appropriate proportions with water, forms a thixotropic ready-to-use anchoring grout.

Product Image
  • Ease of use
  • Durability and anchor protection
  • Low costs
Product Features
  • Injection by means of an easy-to-operate pump
  • The hardened adhesive is resistant to aggressive mine waters
  • The high pH of the grout protects the metal anchor against corrosion
  • It is cost-effective since the material does not flow out, even in case of vertical holes
  • It is non-flammable
  • Used for filling backfill bullflex bags between the arch support and the strata
  • Used for cementing of cable-, string-, bolt- and injection anchors and bonding of cuttable wooden and GRP anchors
  • Used for the sealing of insulation stoppings

Product Options
  • Packed in 25 kg valve sack - 40 bags per pallet