CarboStop F

CarboStop F is a low viscous water-reactive single-component resin, free of VOCs, CFC and phthalate plasticisers. The product is used for water stopping and crack sealing.

CarboStop F consists of modified isocyanates with softeners and additives. CarboAdd X is a catalyst blend.

CarboStop F cures by reaction with ambient water yielding a polyurethane/polyurea foam.

Product Image
  • Ready for use without mixing
  • Grouts fine to grained sands
  • Suitable for deep injection
Product Features
  • Used for injection of cracks
  • Injected with grouting hoses
  • Consolidates granular soil
  • Stops water ingress
  • Cured CarboStop F does not shrink nor swell with water
  • When CarboAdd X is added to CarboStop F it increases its reactivity
  • Compatible with our pre-installed grouting hoses

Product Options
  • CarboStop F– 20 kg in a can
  • CarboAdd X– 4.5 kg in a can