CarboStop UPlus

CarboStop U Plus is a water-reactive single- component resin with integral catalyst.

CarboStop U Plus is free of CFC and phthalate plasticisers. CarboStop U Plus consists of modified polyisocyanates with additives.
CarboStop U-Plus cures by reaction with ambient water yielding a polyurethane/polyurea foam.

The expansion rate of the foam depends in the first place on the back pressure effected by the propagation of the resin into the structure to be sealed, i.e., wide cracks/gravel result in a high foaming factor, narrow cracks/ sand in a low expansion rate and high strength.

Product Image
  • Ready for use without mixing
  • Works with high-pressure water
  • Grouts fine to grained sands
Product Features
  • The product stops water ingress including salt-water
  • Used in tunnel construction as a sealing product
  • Consolidates gravelly sand

Product Options
  • CarboStop U Plus– 5.5 kg in a can
  • CarboStop U Plus– 22 kg in a can