Lokset™ Resin Capsules

Lokset™ Resin is a two-component resin capsule used in mining and construction industries.

Lokset capsules are filled with a reinforced thixotropic polyester resin in one compartment and a catalysed mastic filler in the other, separated by a physical barrier. The rotation of the bolt during installation ruptures the capsule, shreds the skin and mixes the two components causing a chemical reaction and transforming the resin mastic into a solid anchor.

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  • Fast setting, easy to install
  • Customised set times & dimensions
  • Quick high-load transfer
Product Features
  • Easy to install, requiring no special injection equipment
  • Resistant to anchoring failure caused by blasting or vibration
  • Rapid anchoring of the bolt to the surrounding strata
  • High load transfers achievable almost immediately
  • Full column bonded bolts strongly resist the horizontal and lateral strata movement associated with convergence
  • Provides strength and rigidity to prevent sag
  • Acts as a reinforcement that clamps the individual strata layers into a single high strength beam
  • Effectively seals wet, dripping holes and in most cases eliminates deterioration of the hole and surrounding strata
  • Unaffected by sea or fresh water, mild acids, or mild alkali's
  • Immediately fixes rock bolts / anchors
  • Protects bolts from corrosion, can be used in wet /underwater conditions

Product Options
  • Capsules are packed into appropriate boxes according to their length, in quantities depending on their size
  • Boxes are stacked on pallets in quantities agreed with the customer
  • Capsules are marked with a symbol that specifies the capsule's dimensions, type of recipe and gelation time
  • Lokset™15 sec set-time capsules may be used as part of an approved “spin-to-stall” resin roof bolting system
  • A wide variety of accessories is available, including the Quick-Chem System, Resin Capsule Injector, Resin Capsule Retainers and Resin Capsule Parachutes
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Lokset Accessories

We provide a comprehensive range of auxiliary products for the fast and easy application of this innovative product.

Resin Capsule Parachutes

Parachutes are recommended when Lokset™ resin capsules are air-loaded into rock bolt holes. The parachute guides and protects the capsule while it travels at high speed through the loading tube into the hole, then holds the capsule up the hole until the bolt is inserted.

Instructions for use:

  • Gently force the resin capsule into the open end of the parachute
  • Load the capsule into the capsule gun so that the parachute is on the front end
  • Fire the capsule into the hole


Resin Capsule Top Hats (Retainers)

Resin capsule top hats are made from recycled plastic and are used to retain resin capsules in rock bolt holes, until the bolts are inserted. This frees the operator to use both hands for other tasks such as lining up the rock bolt and operating the bolting machine.

Instructions for use:

  • Insert the resin capsule into hole.
  • Push in the top hat behind the resin capsule.
  • If multiple capsules are used, push in a top-hat behind each one


Resin Capsule Injector

The resin injector is used to load Lokset™ resin capsules into roofbolt holes, and consists of a plunger within a hollow tube. Each Resin Injector is tested in our laboratories prior to dispatch.

Instructions for use:

  • Remove the plunger from the outer tube.
  • Insert the appropriate size polytop into one end of the outer tube.
  • From the other end, insert the Lokset™ resin capsules
  • Push the injector against the roofbolt hole opening, and push the plunger until the resin capsules and polytop are inside the hole.


Quick-Chem™ System

The Quick-Chem™ Lokset™ resin capsule insertion system ensures safe, fast and complete insertion of resin capsules. The system consists of a specially designed cap suitable for attaching to Lokset™ resin capsules and an insertion tube that carries the resin capsule(s) to the back to of the holes and is then removed for re-use.

Instructions for use:

  • Securely attach appropriate Quick- Chem™ cap to the end of the Lokset™ resin
  • Place the capsule with the cap attached in the Quick-Chem™ insertion tube
  • Fit the tube to the shank of the drifter
  • Collar the tube in the hole and push into the hole until the resin capsule cannot be seen
  • Withdraw the tube