FT-30 is a single-component dry spray concrete based on supersulfate cement, selected aggregates, as well as activators and modifying admixtures used in construction and energy sectors.

When mixed with water, the material sets within minutes. It creates a coating with instant resistance to pulling off and delamination caused by active leaks of water. It is particularly recommended for areas with high moisture content or highly watered.

Product Image
  • Possible to apply on damp surfaces or even on an active water
  • Superior resistance to aggressive environment XA3
  • High water-and gas- tightness
Product Features
  • Rapid-setting
  • Very low rebound
  • Low heat of hydratation
  • Non-combustibility
  • Ease and safety of use

Product Options
  • FT-30 - 25 kg valve sack, 40 bags per pallet.