Capcem™ Pumpable Grouts

Capcem™ Pumpable Grouts are used with grout bars to achieve full-column cement grouting.

Produced in our South African manufacturing site, the products undergo stringent quality testing to ensure the right product reaches your hands.  

These grouts are usually supplied as 90 mm diameter x 400 mm long capsules, packed in a semi-permeable sheath.

Setting times are generally medium and fast set.

Product Image
Product Image
Product Image
  • Rapid strength gain
  • Excellent pumpability
  • Reliability - pre-packed material overcomes on-site batching variations
Product Options
  • Capcem™ 4/4 F Pumpable Grout
  • Capcem™ B5 Pumpable Grout
  • Capcem™ BPG (Bunton Pocket Grout)
  • Capcem™ GP
  • Capcem™ K40P
  • Capcem™ PLG, PLGF and PLG-FSL
  • Capcem™ Anchor Pack
  • Capcem™ PS
  • Capcem™ Plug
  • Capcem™ Sindele Plus 35 and Capcem™ UWP