Osro Strap Rock Support

Osro Straps are used in mining and tunnelling to provide continuous strip support between rock bolts, inhibiting fall-outs between the bolts and helping to maintain the integrity of rockmass. 

The rock bolts are installed through the Osro Straps and tightened against the rock surface. The stiffness of the strap results in pre-loading of the rock, as well as transferring loads due to rock movement onto

the bolts. Osro Straps may replace steel sheets and formed plates such as “W” straps.


The Osro Strap is held in position against the rock surface. Rock bolts are installed through the apertures between the wires and tightened.

Washers/bearing plates must be used to ensure that the bolts do not pull through the gaps between the wires.


Osro Straps may be used in conjunction with shotcrete and/or Thin Sprayed Liners (TSL’s) such as Capcem KT, to provide extended area support and to protect the rock surface from weathering.



·         No restriction on location of the rock bolts, or requirement for accurate collaring of drill-holes

·         High bending resistance in long direction

·         Flexible enough to be installed against uneven roof

·         May be overlap-joined to extend the coverage area

·         Light in relation to strength and support capability




Product Image
Product Options
  • Length - 2, 5.5, 6 metres
  • Width - 300 mm
  • Main Rods - 5 parallel rods, 8 mm dia.
  • Cross Wires - every 150 mm, 6 mm dia.
  • End Wires - 2 cross wires, 75 mm apart at ends of each strap
  • Glavanising - available