Shaft bolts

Shaft bolts type M1, W1, W2 and W2-Z are used to connect the reinforcement support with the shaft lining and to fit pipeline or cable holders and other fixtures in the shaft. The bolts are also used to fix equipment and machines installed in horizontal roadways.

Depending on the design the following types of bolts can be distinguished:

  • M1 wedge bolt applied at pretension of up to 60 kN
  • W1 wedge adhesive bolt at pretension of up to 100 kN
  • W2 cylindrical adhesive bolt at pretension of up to 80kN

Application conditions – according to BN-78/0436-03 standard - "Bolts"

Product Image
Product Image
Product Image
  • Easy handling and installation
  • For special purposes bolts may be galvanised
  • Bolts M1, W1, W2 can be made of stainless or acid-resistant steel
Product Features
  • Certificate of Compliance No. 74/4/2017 issued by "INOVA" Technical Innovation Centre Ltd.
  • Instantiations load-bearing capacity
  • Reliable anchors that are extensively used in field applications

Product Options
  • As standard, the anchors are packed in bundles of 10 pieces