Cable Bolts KLW Type

Resin cable bolts type KLW 15.5, KLW 18, KLW 15.5 z and KLW 18 z are designed to be used in underground workings in coal mines and nonferrous metals mines.

Cable bolts are made from cable of Ø15.5 or 18 mm in diameter and 1+6 structure. Upper end is cut by one side to perforate resin cartridges easier. Upper part cable was modified to achieve better load distribution on resin column around cable. When filled up with grout or resin the cages act like stiff bulbs in relation to the cement face.

Birdcages are designed to mix resin cartridges. In the lower part there is stiffening tube and tensioning sleeve. Both items are solid jointed. Tensioning sleeve with the wedge work as clamp. Bottom is ended with hexagonal adapter to rotate the bolt. Rubber seal on the cable used only when installed with the resin of low viscosity.

The following production options are available:

  • KLW 15.5
  • KLW 18
  • KLW 15.5 z
  • KLW 18 z
Product Image
Product Image
  • Suitable for use with resin cartridges
  • Enables pre-tension
  • Facilitates the anchor bolting process
  • Bolt is designed for high horizon bolting of underground roadways, crossings and also as secondary bolting in bolted roadways where displacements occur above the bolted horizon.
  • Height of reinforcement is higher than roadway’s height (from 3 to 10m)
  • The bulbs remain non-cracked despite considerable forces affecting the cable
  • Cable bulbs release significant stresses perpendicular to the hole walls decreasing stresses parallel to the hole axis
  • Flat square washers are made of steel of thickness 10 and 12 mm
  • M33 and M36 nuts are used to pretension cable bolt

Product Options
  • Bolts can be tied in 10 pcs benches and additionally packaged in bundles of 10 benches
  • The plates are stapled in 10 pcs sets with wire and stacked on pallets