Minobond HF

Minobond HF is a rapid setting mortar for the repair and reconstruction of concrete and reinforced concrete, the anchoring of metal elements in concrete, and for filling space between concrete and steel elements.

This product is a one-component material, ready for use after mixing with the batched water. It is a dry cement-based mortar with high quality aggregate up to 0.5 mm and modified with additives and polymers.

Product Image
  • Excellent bond to concrete substrates
  • Rapid setting
  • Non-combustible
Product Features
  • Its exceptional flow properties make it ideal for the reinstatement of small, structural sections of concrete as well as for many restricted locations
  • Its self-compacting nature eliminates honeycombing and displaces air without vibration
  • Pre-bagged to overcome site-batched variations – only the site addition of clean water is required
  • Is compressive strength after 28 days of curing exceeds the 60 MPa

Product Options
  • Packed in 25 kg valve sack - 40 bags per pallet