Tekflex DS-W

Tekflex DS-W is a single component powder material based polymer, designed for continuous dry spray applications.

The powder is mixed with water at the special nozzle and creates a suspension, which gels within seconds, creating a continuous membrane on the applied surface.

After several minutes, it becomes tack free and then rapidly increases in strength over next days.

As a result, a strong and elastic sealing membrane is formed.

The membrane bonds very well to surfaces such as rock, coal and concrete.

Product Image
  • Excellent adhesion and fast curing
  • Simple mixing
  • Tough and flexible
Product Features
  • The special formulation enables excellent adhesion to rock, concrete and steel, assuring a long-lasting coating
  • One part powder component, simply requires the addition of water and the use of standard equipment for dry spraying
  • Gels within seconds, after several minutes it is tack free
  • Has the ability to stretch with excellent tensile characteristics assuring coating integrity even when strata deformation occurs
  • Non-flammable, no specialist storage or ventilation requirements, simple cleaning of equipment, no toxic or dangerous components, environmentally friendly
  • Not compatible with large water inflow

Product Options
  • Tekflex DS-W - 15 kg in valve sack, 50 bags per pallet