Plystem Tamping Capsules

Plystem Tamping Capsules are shothole tamping capsules used during blasting to contain the explosive gases within the shothole, eliminating the possibility of gas ignition in the mine workings.

They also improve the effectiveness of explosives by better fragmentation and reduction of socket length.

The capsules contain a blend of graded sands and clays, bound together to form a pliable material. The material is packaged in fire retardant polythene sleeves for ease of handling and extended shelf life. The sleeve dimensions are designed to allow effective tamping to be achieved without necessitating rupture of the sleeve.

Product Image
  • Pre-packaged and ready for use
  • Easy to insert into the shothole and to tamp
  • Demonstrated performance in improving blast results
  • A minimum of 1 complete capsule is to be used per hole. If more than one capsule is to be used, then each capsule must be individually tamped
  • These tamping Capsules are non-toxic
  • This product has been tested and approved for use by the South African Government Mining Engineer, British Coal and the UK Safety in Mines Research Establishment

Product Options
  • Plystem tamping capsules are packed in cardboard boxes and shrink-wrapped for strength and moisture retention.